• Upon arrival, campers must bring their identity documents in order to register the P.S. (permesso di soggiorno, stay permit).

  • Each family or group is required to place their tent, caravan or car within the confines of the assigned pitch, which cannot be changed without Management’s approval.

  • Those departing are asked to pay their bill during the payment office’s open hours and leave the pitch by 2:00 pm. If the pitch is vacated after this time, an additional overnight stay will be charged.

  • Campers can be visited free of charge for the first hour, after which visitors must pay the daily rate.

  • Motorcycles must always be walked around the campsite.

  • Dogs must always be kept on a leash.

  • During campsite quiet hours all loud noises are prohibited, including setting up and taking down tents.

  • Each camper must take care of their personal belongings. The Management declines all responsibility for thefts and injuries due to external causes, as well as damage to people and things caused by natural disasters.

  • It is strictly forbidden to dig small trenches around the tents, pour hot liquids on the plants and tamper with the electrical systems.

  • Linens and dishes must be washed in the appropriate sinks.

  • Minors are only allowed when accompanied by parents or adult relatives.

  • Any infectious disease must be reported to the Camping Management.

  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: only three-prong, earthed power cables can be used, and each outlet has 6 amperes.

  • Pets are not allowed in the mobile homes.

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